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G'Day and Welcome to VK4FSRD on the Net.

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VK4FSRD is a Foundation Class (F Call) amateur radio station operated by Steven Dudley. I have only been a licenced Amateur Radio Operator since October 2010. However I have been involved in Radio and Communications since I first got the bug back the the early days of CB radio in Australia in 1977.

I was on CB for a number of years and then in 1984 I enlisted in the Australian Army and was allocated to the Royal Australian Signals Corps. I served in a number of locations within Australia and Overseas during my 24 plus years of  service in the Corps. I finished my fulltime military career as a Warrant Officer Class Two, Information Systems Manager in July 2008. I am still serving at the same rank and position as a Reserve Soldier (part-time).

I did plan on studying for a Amateur Licence back in the 1970's but work and personal life was more important, so it was only in 2010, that I again got the bug and decided that I needed to do something about getting a licence. So within 4 weeks of deciding that the time was right, I had done some quick study of the current regulations and sat the exam. I passed and was licenced as VK4FSRD.

The next challenge is finding the time in a busy work and personal schedule to study for the standard or advance licence and sit that exam.

I am married to Sharan, we were married in 1985 and have 4 adult children. The oldest two are living in Toowoomba, a short drive from our QTH, we have a son serving in the Australian Army in Townsville (about 1400km by road to our North) and our youngest daughter is still living at home with us.


I upload my logs to


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WIA Member # 400459


Member # 4205

Royal Australian Corps
of Signals
1984 - 2008
(Regular Force)
2008 - Present
(Reserve Force)





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